Yesterday, we asked you if there was anyone missing from the final roster of the United States men's Olympic basketball team. Apparently, one NBA player feels as though his name should've been at least invited for a tryout. That person is Greg Monroe. Here's what he had to say:

“No disrespect to those guys on the roster, but looking at the guys on the Select Team roster, I should have been on there,” he said. “That's just how I feel. That's just the confidence I have in myself. The season I had, I don't know if I was considered, but at least (I should have been) invited. That's how I feel. Some people might feel differently but I think I should've been invited.”

Currently on the Select Team is DeMarcus Cousins, DeJuan Blair, Derrick Favors and Taj Gibson. Aside from Cousins, nobody really pops out, right? But going into the 2012 Summer Olympics, the U.S. men's basketball squad only sports one natural center in Tyson Chandler. The addition of Monroe would've been a great help in adding some much needed size to their roster. It doesn't hurt that last season, the 22-year-old out of Georgetown averaged 15.4 points and 9.7 rebounds in only his second year in the NBA. Those numbers just so happen to be better than everyone on the Select Team, except for Cousins. 

But don't feel too bad for the Pistons big man. When asked if he might use the snub as motivation for next season, Monroe said, “Always, always, it always will. I don't forget anything. Anything. I remember what people said from high school.”   

[via MLive]