Most of the stories about Dennis Rodman that we've run here on have involved things like strips clubs and missed child support payments. But, this one has a much, much happier premise.

Recently, Rodman took part in an exhibition basketball game in the Philippines. For most former NBA players, taking part in a game like that is a quick way to pocket some extra cash. But, for Rodman, it turned out to be the only way to reunite with his father for the first time in 42 years. Four decades after Rodman last saw his dad Philander Rodman, Jr.—who has lived in the Philippines for 50 years now—he got a chance to speak with him briefly after Rodman agreed to meet with him late yesterday according to an AP reporter who was in attendance at the meeting. No word on what was said when the two met or whether or not they plan to rekindle some sort of relationship. But, either way, it's nice to read a positive story about Rodman these days. Keep 'em coming, Worm.

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[via NBC Sports]

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