Well, that certainly didn't take very long! Just a little more than a week after Tony Parker suffered an eye injury at the W.i.P. nightclub during the Chris Brown and Drake fight, the Spurs point guard has filed a $20 million lawsuit claiming that the club shouldn't have let Breezy and Drizzy into their establishment at the same time because of the "bad blood" between them. His lawyers are saying that the club could have worked harder to prevent the fight by turning one of them away at the door or by limiting the amount of alcohol that was served to each artist and their respective entourages once it was clear that they were "visibly intoxicated." Parker's lawyer also says that Chris Brown and Drake could be added as defendants in the lawsuit once a police investigation of the fight is over.

So, we've gotta ask: Is this a bitch move by TP—or does dude deserve a paycheck for taking some glass shrapnel to the eye during the fight? We'll let you be the judge.

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[via TMZ]