Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling, most known for his bloody sock game back in '04, is now broke after the collapse of his video game business 38 Studios. Appearing on The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show today, Schilling began to speak on how he is "tapped out" financially after investing "just north of $50 million" of his earnings from his baseball career into the failed business. 

Truly a sad story indeed, especially the conversation he had with his family a month ago to let them know that, "all the money [he] had earned and saved during baseball is all gone." Of course the company also laid off nearly 400 workers last month, and was also given millions of dollars in incentives to relocate to Rhode Island, money that presumably won't be recovered. Tough for any man to stomach and have to tell your family that you lost all your money and that you are now broke, and may have some problem providing for them. We hope he can find some way out of this mess and be able to continue to put food on his family's table.

[via WEEI]

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