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Damn! This is what happens when keepin' it real goes very, very wrong. Yesterday, DeSean Jackson jumped on Twitter to offer up a tweet dedicated to the fact that he's finally pulling in a pretty decent paycheck after signing a $47 million contract in the NFL offseason.

We came from nothing so a course we going to embrace it when we make it..

— Desean Jackson (@DeseanJackson10) June 18, 2012

Innocent enough, right? Except that Jackson apparently owes a celebrity jeweler a significant amount of money. So, shortly after he posted that tweet, the jeweler was quick to @ him with a bunch of tweets about the money in question.

@DeseanJackson10 so when you make it, does that mean play people when you can....u forgetting you still got a balance with me

— Celebrity Jeweler (@ShyneJewelers) June 18, 2012

@DeseanJackson10 so now that you embrace making it why don't you embrace keeping it real with me and not playing me for my jewelry

— Celebrity Jeweler (@ShyneJewelers) June 18, 2012

@DeseanJackson10 is this how you keep it real , thanks I really appreciate it!

— Celebrity Jeweler (@ShyneJewelers) June 18, 2012

Yup. Like we said...Damn. If you owe the man money, pay him D-Jack! That's not a good look.

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[via Black Sports Online]