Chris Bosh is bored right now. His Miami Heat look like they're headed for the NBA Finals. But, he's stuck at home watching them play on TV and waiting for his strained abdominal muscle to heal. So, recently, he sat down and spoke with ESPN writer Tom Haberstroh about a number of different things that are on his mind. Here are some of the highlights:

On how he was surprised when some of his biggest critics started showing him love after he went down with his injury:

"Funny how that happens. I've never heard my name so much since I've been out. It's funny to me, all the guys who were killing me, just to hear everything now that I'm a huge part of the team."

On how he handles all the criticism that gets thrown his way:

"I'm an easy target. I'm not as boisterous and flamboyant as other players. I don't jump as high and I'm not as fast as Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. I don't have many highlight plays, but I can play this game."

On how he doesn't hang out with D-Wade and LBJ much off the court:

"It's just different. We're teammates, that's great. But people think I'm supposed to act a certain way or walk hand-in-hand together everywhere. We come together, we do our job, we have a great time when we're around each other, but I might just be sitting right here and they might be over there."

On how he was caught on camera crying after the Heat lost in the 2011 NBA Finals:

"To people who made fun of it, I thought it was messed up. It meant that much to me. What are your dreams? What do you want the most out of anything in this world? Dangle it in front of you, work hard as hell to get it, and then take it away. Gone…I was walking off and I'm like, 'Man, it's over.' There's a moment when it hits you."

Say what you want about Bosh. But, we appreciate his honesty—even though we might not always show it. It's making it hard to hate on him these days.

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[via ESPN]