It seems as though Los Angeles Times' reporter Melissa Rohlin and Metta World Peace have established a friendship level that encourages long, random anecdotes. First, he explained to her that Jesus was brilliant for planning baby teeth to fall out when you are young. This time, after World Peace mistakes a question about "road trips" for "roaches," he tells a tale about the many six-legged friends he hung out with when he was younger. 

The strangest part was that he "has bad thoughts about roaches," but continues to talk about them like they were his pals. He caught them chillin' in his cereal when he woke up or sometimes saw them with one leg in his macaroni and another in his corn. You better tell them to make up their minds, Ron Ron! Lucky for him, he'll always have a large group of buddies in New York to come home to. 

[via Los Angeles Times]

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