2. The Wild One

Rider: Lee Marvin
Bike Name: Hydra Glide
Video Clip
Complex Says: Admittedly, a lot more attention is usually paid to Marlon Brando's Triumph Thunderbird with regard to The Wild One. In the film, Johnny Strabler's (Brando's) gang, the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, fought with a rival biker gang. Chino (Marvin) was the leader of the rival gang, called the Beetles. Legend has it that the Beatles (yes, as in John Lennon and Paul McCartney) took their name from that of Chino's gang, simply changing the second “e” to an “a.” Sure, the hero's bike was a Triumph. But you can't have an age-old story of rebellion without the hero overcoming something formidable. In this case, it was Lee Marvin and his Hydra Glide.