Allen Iverson has been in the news a lot this week—for all the wrong reasons. According to several reports, the former NBA superstar has fallen on hard times and blown through the $154 million fortune he amassed during his NBA career. As a result, he's reportedly shown some interest in taking his talents to South America or Puerto Rico to make a few extra bucks. But he also still dreams about playing in the NBA. And, as a result, sources close to him are saying that he's willing to do anything to get back into the league—including accepting a contract with one of the NBA's D-League teams.

"Allen only wants to play if there's a possibility that it leads to the NBA," one source said. "That's the only way he would go to one of these lower leagues. He wants to get back to the NBA and leave the game on his terms."

Damn, homie. We can appreciate you doing whatever it takes to get back to the NBA. But we had a hard enough time seeing you in a Grizzlies jersey a couple years ago. We're not sure we'd be able to handle flicks of you in a D-League uni. But, if it's true, best of luck. It'd definitely be nice to hear some good news about you for a change.

[via Scoop Du Jour]

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