The Washington Wizards saw Flip Saunders as their weakest link and have reportedly fired the head coach after starting the shortened season with a league-worst 2-15 record. Nothing has worked for the Wiz this year. JaVale McGee keeps making boneheaded plays, Andray Blatche's attitude is out of control, and even superstar John Wall has played below expectations. The Wizards are set to make assistant coach Randy Wittman the interim head coach. 

Saunders has gone 51-130 in the two-plus years that he has been Washington's leader, and the third year of his four-year contract has been particularly painful. The team is only averaging 88.6 points  and 16.8 assists per game. After losing Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, and Brendan Haywood, the young team has shown it's lack of discipline and inexperience. Was it Saunders fault that the group of kids hasn't come together as a unit yet? The Wizards front office sure thinks so. 

[via Fox Sports]

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