Shaun White entered his third and final run of the Snowboard SuperPipe knowing that he'd already clinched his fifth straight Winter X Games gold, sitting on a solid score of 94.0. Most riders would have taken a cool glide down the icy monster and thrown in a few easy tricks to ensure a safe run. Even with an injured ankle, that's just not the Shaun White way. On his "victory lap," he truly redefined how to win in style. For the first time ever, White completed four double corks, including the most insane combo ever stuck: A double McTwist 1260 into a frontside double cork 1260 (he's the only person to ever land one in competition). After the announcers already deemed it the best run they'd ever seen, the judges gave confirmation with a perfect 100 score.

"It's unreal," White said. "I've been wanting that 100 forever. Thank you so much, everybody, tonight. I came here on a mission: I couldn't compete in Slope and it kind of broke me. I didn't know what to do. I was sitting around icing my ankle wondering if I could even ride tonight, and I kind of took out a little bit of that anxiety and anger that I couldn't compete in Slope in the pipe tonight."

The previous high score was a 97.66 set by none other than White himself. His final run began with an 18-foot backside air and also included a fronstside double cork 1080, a Cab double cork 1080, and a frontside stalefish 540. Iouri Podladtchikov, the only other person to ever land a double McTwist 1260, came in second with a 93.0. 

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[via ESPN]

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