Maybe it's the fact that there is no ridiculously stupid fan video accompanying this song, or the fact that we're just so sick of the original, but we're kind of diggin' Ashkon's new remix of Jay-Z and Kanye West's hit "N*ggas In Paris" that is titled "Niners In Paris." He starts strong with, "Harbaugh so hard, put it up for the Niners, yeah the city right behind ya, who the five-time NFL Super Bowl champs, could you please remind 'em."

From there he skillfully weaves shots at the Saints and Giants in with spelling out how historically great the San Francisco 49ers have been as a franchise. Hilariously, the chorus raps, "Harbaugh so hard, put it up for the Niners. Alex, that Smith cray. Justin, that Smith cray. Aldon, THAT SMITH CRAY." We're pretty impressed by the turnaround the Niners' new coach sparked and Alex Smith's solid play this year, so you better believe we support this. You can download the track for free here

[via Shutdown Corner]

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