58. The Miami Hurricanes Record an Ode to Running Trains

Date: 2003
Key Players: Greg Olsen, Brandon Meriweather, Jon Beason, Tavares Gooden, Darnell Jenkins, Willie Cooper
Video Evidence: Click Here.

The University of Miami football teams in '01 and '02 were considered some of the best of all time; not to be outdone, the '03 squad staked its own claim to fame: that of the worst rappers of all time. Combining limited subject matter (basically running trains, running trains, and running trains on automobiles) with an antagonistic relationship with rhythm, the Crew dropped jewels like "She found out there was more to Miami than just a football team/There's also the 7th floor king ding-a-ling" and were accused of tarnishing the school's image. Unfortunately they mostly just ended up tarnishing the school's record, as the '06 team (featuring most of the Crew as seniors) finished 7-6, the worst season at the U in 10 years.

Miami linebacker Jon Beason, a.k.a. "Big Beast," was a first team All-Pro selection for the Carolina Panthers in 2008.