To all the kids out there who dream about being sportscasters one day: Don't do it! Just kidding. Do it if you want. But, know that unless you end up being the lead anchor on SportsCenter, you're probably not going to be living the good life reading sports scores at midnight for some local TV network. Sorry to burst your bubble. But those gigs ain't that good.

Still, that doesn't mean being a sportscaster can't pay off. Take Canadian sportscaster Barry Deley, for example. Last Monday, he was an average Joe reading sports for Global BC north of the border. Today, he's $2 million richer because he won the BC Children's Hospital Dream Lottery—live on the air. Actually, he wasn't live, but a couple of his colleagues were and their reactions to the news of Deley winning was pretty priceless. So was the phone call they made to him live on the air a few minutes later.

Lesson learned: Don't expect to hit the lottery if you choose to become a sportscaster. Unless, of course, you actually happen to hit the lottery. [via Off the Bench]

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