Hmmm...So, we're not gonna lie to you. If this guy walked into the YMCA today and we in charge of picking a team to play in a pickup game, he might—might!—go, like, seventh or eighth overall. Not to judge a book by the cover or anything, but...Oh, hell, who are we kidding? This guy doesn't look like a guy who'd drop 89 points in a season, let alone a game.

Yet, that's exactly what Griffin Lentsch, a guard for Division III school Grinnell College, did over the weekend to break an NCAA Division III national record. He finished 27-of-55 from the field, including an incredible 15-of-33 from deep, and also nailed 20-of-22 free throws during the game, which his team won 145-97.

"It's still setting in," he said afterwards. "I didn't think I would ever score that many points."

If we were you, we'd probably think the same thing. But, yo, you've obviously got some game. We just never would've guessed.

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