Tim Hardaway, gay rights activist? Apparently it's true. The former NBA point guard and noted ankle breaker, most famous for his "I hate gay people" comments in 2007, is now campaigning for gay rights in El Paso, Texas, home of the University of El Paso Texas where Hardaway went to school.

There's a movement in El Paso to recall mayor John Cook for supporting partner benefits, and Hardaway appeared at a press conference Thursday for the "No Recall Group", expressing his support for their cause. "It's not right to not let the gays and lesbians have equal rights here," he's quoted as saying. "I know the city will grow and understand that gays and lesbians need equal rights." We're not gonna simply applaud dude just for not being a moronic bigot, but we will give him a tip of the cap. Good on you, Tim. [via kvia.com]