1. Babe Ruth

Years Active: 1914-1935

Team(s): Red Sox, Yankees, Braves

Playing Weight: 215 lbs.

You could make a really convincing argument that Babe Ruth is the best baseball player of all time, period (a career OPS of 1.164 and 29.2 consecutive scoreless World Series innings will help you make that point), so the fact that he's purported to have once downed 12 hot dogs and 8 bottles of soda between games is just icing on the cake (you've gotta have some cake after all those dogs and pop, right?). Just think: If Ruth could accomplish what he did given the amount of performance-hindering substances he ingested, imagine what he might've done in the age of BALCO? On second thought, let's not. We like the legend of Babe Ruth just fine the way it is.