has a pretty solid draft board, but there are two main things that stick out: Drafted players and the chat. Often people will have draft kits or cheat sheets up elsewhere on the computer to help with the draft, so the compact size of this draft is convenient, however there isn’t a space to always immediately see the past picks. You either have to click on a separate tab or look at the top ticker to see only the last pick.

The chat provided the most frustration on this draft. Let’s be honest, drafts are the best if you actually are in the room with your buddies and able to talk smack about picking your best friend’s favorite player. With that said, if you aren’t able to physically get together, chats are the next best thing. On a 15” screen, I had to scroll down every time that I wanted type something in the chat. It might sound minor, but trust us, it’s annoying if the chat is lively. 

The team page has a very polished and organized look. It uses the standard drag and drop feature to move players around and it’s easy to find any stat or projection you are looking for. One nice hidden feature is in the “schedule” tab. There is actually a button straight on the page to link you to buy tickets for any of your players’ games. Tempting, right?

The scoring match-up page again brings a refined look, offering everything you’d need from head-to-head player stats to full stats for your entire team. It also has a convenient feature to have a highlights tab if you are currently unable to watch the games or just want to check out that disgusting horizontal grab Larry Fitzgerald made.