Aside from pleasing aesthetic appeal, Fox provided one of the most frustrating drafts. For starters, their client does not even run on Google Chrome. Even using Safari and Firefox, the system was spotty, freezing up at times and not allowing certain functions on screen. When your team is on the clock, you don’t want to be scrambling to restart because the draft button isn’t working.

The league home page is solid. It has everything you’d be looking for, including added features like polls that you can create and a very useful feature, tailored news about players on your team.  This can save your week if you had no idea your tight end pulled his hammy playing freeze tag with his kid on Saturday.

Usually, it's pretty hard to mess up the player pool. You have a list of players and the stats. What we’ve found out from Fox is just how important it is to make sure that list is 100% up-to-date.  Last year it took Fox at least two weeks to get Danario Alexander, a player with tremendous talent and potential, into the system when he was called up to start. In deep leagues where you’ll be needing those types of players, that’s just unacceptable.