The draft on FleaFlicker felt like using Yahoo! from 10 years ago on a bulky desktop. All it was missing was a dial tone every time you drafted a player. One nice thing was the help from the draft host and draft advisor in the main feed. Though it’s not hard to figure out, it took the position you needed most and told the top ranked player in that position. The most frustrating part was using the player queue. There was no drag-and-drop, and it seemed the only way to use it was to double click and select.

The league home page for FleaFlicker is pitiful. The only thing it shows is the standings. There is no news, no transactions, and no discussion. Some of the other sites offer 10 times more information and options than that. The home page should be a central place to see all and do all, but theirs is merely a jump-off point. 

Following the trend, the scoreboard and player pools are pretty basic. There is no way to match players up against each other like some of the other sites, and clicking on a player takes you to another page rather than a pop-out player card. If you are trying to make comparisons or decisions quickly, this site is probably going to make you angrier than post-game Dennis Green.