AGE: 23 (January 8, 1959 – November 17, 1982)
CAUSE OF DEATH: Head trauma
COMPLEX SAYS: The sport of boxing has a long, sad history of boxers who've lost their lives in the ring, but few are as well-known as Duk Koo Kim. The South Korean boxer held a record of 17-1-1 and was the No. 1 lightweight contender before heading into his championship bout with Ray Mancini. The 14-round bout was brutal for both boxers with Mancini receiving a torn ear and swollen left eye and Kim suffering severe swelling after several shots from Mancini, including one sequence where he had been hit 39 times in a row. Kim lost by TKO in the 14th round after being sent to the canvas by a right hand from Mancini. Kim fell into a coma after the fight and died from brain injuries four days later. As a result, the WBC made a number of safety changes including reducing the number of round from 15 to 12.