ISSUE: A co-defendant from Michael Vick's dog-fighting case was shot at Vick's 30th birthday party. Though video evidence proves that Vick had just left the venue, he is not supposed to have any contact with co-defendants from the case. The Eagles QB is awaiting possible punishment from Commissioner Roger Goodell's review of the incident.
WHITEY FORD SAYS: First Pacman, now this—Goodell should've never given this guy a second chance. Oh well. It doesn't really make a hill of beans of difference in Philadelphia, now that the great Kevin Kolb has finally supplanted that overrated McNabb boy.
DARK MAN X SAYS: So is this what it's come to? Is Vick gonna be a "suspect" in every shooting in Virginia for the rest of his life? FOH.
COMPLEX SAYS: Nightclubs + convicted felons = Bad Newz.