The Boss is dead, long live the Boss. George Steinbrenner died this morning at the age of 80. The longtime owner of the New York Yankees wasn't the best owner in sports (the seeds of the Yankees' current dynasty were actually sown while he was suspended from the game), but he was unquestionably the greatest. Doubt that? Well let's just say Dame Dash never said he was "the John Henry of this shit." (Who? Exactly. He's one of the Red Sox owners.) After the jump, check our index of George Steinbrenner-ana, as we pay tribute to one of the true titans of our time.

<!--more-->BY THE NUMBERS

-Yankees record under Steinbrenner: 3,364-2,583-3

-Yankees World Series wins under Steinbrenner: 7

-Combined titles of other New York City franchises (Knicks, Giants, Jets, Mets, Rangers) during Steinbrenner's tenure: 6

-Combined Red Sox and Mets World Series wins during Steinbrenner's tenure: 3

-Combined Giants, Padres, Mariners, Rockies, Cubs, Astros, Brewers, Indians, and Rangers World Series wins during Steinbrenner's tenure: Zero

-Value of Yankees when Steinbrenner took over in 1973: $8.5 million (he paid $168,000 of the purchase price)

-Value of Yankees today: $1.2 billion


-Beards worn by Yankees under Steinbrenner's watch: Zero

-Goose Gossage Fu Manchu mustaches inspired by Steinbrenner's zero tolerance policy on beards: 1 (Goose was rightfully thankful: his bust at the Hall of Fame sports a Yankees cap.)

-Don Mattingly mullets blocked by Steinbrenner's zero tolerance policy on hair below the collar: 1 (Don, we hope you had a chance to thank him before he died.)

-"Fat pussy toads" signed by Yankees during Steinbrenner's tenure: 1 (Hideki Irabu)

-Number of times Black Muslims consulted to possibly "take care of" Mickey Rivers' wife: 1


-Number of times Billy Martin was hired during Steinbrenner's tenure: 6

-Number of times Billy Martin was fired during Steinbrenner's tenure: 5

-Total managerial changes: 21

-Total general managerial changes: 11

-Gamblers hired by Yankees to dig up dirt on Yankee players during Steinbrenner's tenure: 1 (Howie Spira)


-Number of times hosting Saturday Night Live: 1

-Number of times yelled at by Frank Costanza for trading Jay Buhner: 1

-Number of times yelled at by Frank Costanza for signing Hideki Irabu: 1

-Forewords to Dusty Rhodes autobiographies written by Steinbrenner: 1

-Number of times referenced in Pharoahe Monch lyrics: 1

-Number of times Derek Jeter cockblocked by Steinbrenner for partying too much: Unknown