Another year, another chance for you to make this summer a movie, whether it be traveling, making new memories with friends and family, or residing on your bed every day until September arrives. Whichever way you choose to spend these coming months, the essentials are required: water, sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and footwear that is compatible with the warmer weather ahead. Of course, slides are the go-to for many summer occasions, but there are other options if you don’t want to go for the ol’ reliable summertime shoes. 

In this list, we’ve compiled a series of sneakers that are functional and versatile while also having a distinctive look for midsummer. What may be the right shoe for you can be subjective based on your location and your preferences in footwear, so we took variety into account. From collaborative retro Nikes and tech-based runners to archival Adidas models, these are the best summer sneakers to wear in 2022.