Interview: Highs And Lows Explain the HAL Studios x ASICS Gel-1130 Collab

Matt Thomas and John Bouquet explain the concept behind the Gel-1130 collab and the importance of slowing down to create considered product.

Highs And Lows x ASICS GEL-1130

Highs And Lows x ASICS GEL-1130

Highs And Lows x ASICS GEL-1130

There is no way to tell the story of Australian sneaker culture without talking about Highs And Lows. For 17 years, the boutique and brand has operated from the world’s most isolated city to create product coveted across the globe. The team at Highs And Lows have linked with several brands to tell their own unique stories through collaborations, but perhaps their best-known work has come with ASICS.

The HAL x ASICS Gel-Lyte III ‘Brick and Mortar’ pack put Highs And Lows – and Australian sneaker collabs – on the map. It was followed by the ‘Silver Screen’ GL3s and ‘Medic’ GL5s. Each chapter told a new hyper-regional story with global appeal. In 2022, HAL and ASICS are back at it, with a little switch up. The latest collaboration gives HAL Studios top billing to usher in a new era on the west coast.

With the HAL Studios x ASICS Gel-1130 dropping today, Matt Thomas and John Bouquet explained the story behind the sneaker and the ethos behind HAL Studios.

The first talking point with this one is that it’s a HAL Studios collab rather than a Highs and Lows collab? Is that right?

Matt: It is, 100%. Highs and Lows, we’re making it more based around store collaboration, so with things that are local, more community-driven, to help build our community as a store leader. That’s how we’re basing our collaborations as Highs and Lows. HAL Studios is going to be doing things with Adidas, it’s going to be doing things with other big partners in the future. It’s our design think tank. It’s where myself and John will discuss who we would like to work with, and then we go for it, and we conceptualise, bring together ideas that aren’t just about just footwear, they’re about other products.

We would love to work with Vitra, you know what I mean? It’s not just within this footwear space, it’s within lots of different parameters. Industrial design, clean planet, juices, lots of different ideations of things we can bring to life. Like even to the point of making our own coat hangers, designing them in a really clever way. Just being considered, and moving in that direction.

Highs And Lows x ASICS GEL 1130