The 10 Best Ways to Prevent Chafing

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Chafing isn't something you can ignore, chances are you've learned this from personal experience

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No. 10 - Fabric That Wicks

Picking a smart fabric is the key to success in any athletic adventure. Cotton gets wet, stays wet, and weighs you down fast, leading to a moist environment rubbing against your skin until you reach the finish line. No thanks, stick to breathable mesh fabric that has wicking properties like Saucony's Primo Long Sleeve Tee.


No. 9 - Manscape

Anything getting between you and your material is likely causing more friction which leads to more irritation. Keep things neat and your skin will thank you.


No. 8 - Break Out the Petroleum

Applying a smooth layer of Vaseline will lubricate the skin as it rubs together (think inner thigh area). Don't over do it, just a thin layer should do the trick. 


No. 7 - Watch Those Seams

Here at Sneaker Report, we're constantly giving gear and apparel advice so that you can ignore what you're wearing and concentrate on your performance. Wear flat felled seams or seamless apparel close to your skin for less irritation. These performance socks from Balega wick sweat and fit the specific contours of your feet so the knit flows with the foot, not against it.


No. 6 - Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drinking water is key to preventing chafing. How? Water keeps you sweating, when you stop sweating salt crystals form on the body, which increases friction. So keep sipping mid-workout!


No. 5 - Good 'Ole Cornstarch

Gold Bond or any corn starch found in the baking aisle will do the trick, the powdery substances soak up any moisture to keep your body dry.


No. 4 - Talcum Powder

Talcum or baby powder does the same trick, just don't mix this solution with Vaseline or any healing balms as it will result in forming a paste. Try out both to see what works for you, and then stick to your treatment of choice.


No. 3 - The Proper Fit

Make sure all of your equipment fits you properly. Heels shouldn't slip out, toes shouldn't have to crumple mid-stride, and shorts should stay put but allow flexibility. It's not brain science, but if you need the extra advice most brands offer great customer service and easy-to-use size charts to offer a second opinion.


No. 2 - Compression Shorts

This is a cure-all solution for any discomfort middle to long distance runners are experiencing. These shorts from 2XU keep everything in place and lets legs swoosh by one another for a smooth ride.


No. 1 -  Body Glide

Body Glide is the No. 1 tool for runners that are looking to go the distance comfortably. Easier to apply than Vaseline and more lubricant than powder, Body Glide is named appropriate as a small amount allows you clothing and body to get along for any length of run.

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