INTERVIEW: Pusha T Talks Tennis, Video Games, and the Best Albums for the Gym

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As day three of the US Open kicks off today in New York City, Sneaker Report takes a moment to sit down with Pusha T to talk tennis. While the game is known for having a wide celebrity audience, having spotted Carmelo Anthony, Alec Baldwin, and Anna Wintour in the crowd, you probably didn’t pin Pusha


SR: On a non-tennis note, as someone who works out and creates music, what is your favorite music to work out to?

PT: I would have to say Young Jeezy’s first album, or the Trap or Die mixtape is dope, oh my god, it’s like anything driving like that is like “hell yeah.”

SR: So you like the driving, aggressive stuff?

PT: 100%. And it’s so important because it helps time go by, for me. I actually work out and I hate working out because it’s so monotonous. I need to really zone into the music and then I’m like “Oh I’ve been here 45 minutes?! I’ve only got 15 minutes left!” because I have to fool myself.

Stay tuned as Sneaker Report provides daily coverage of the US Open til September 9th.

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