The Coolest Running Clubs in NYC

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There are running clubs, and then there are uber-cool

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Undo Ordinary

How to meet up: Follow them on Instagram for invites and announcments.
Average run distance: Varies.

Thanks to a partnership with Urban Outfitter's Without Walls, it looks like Undo get some serious perks. Post-run cold pressed juice, free fitness class hookups, and a close alignment with Bridge Runners

[Undo Ordinary]


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North Brooklyn Runners

How to meet up: Request to become a member on their Google Group
Average run distance: Anywhere from 3 miles to marathon training distances.

Anyone who has participated in an NYRR race has seen this crew. They *always* have a cheer crew and some of the most athletic looking bodies out there. Don't let that intimidate you though, with a brunch-boasting blog and all of those friendly faces, we'd join if we lived any closer to Brooklyn.

[North Brooklyn Runners]

Reservoir Dogs

How to meet up: Check out this list, it has everything you need.
Average run distance: Not provided but it looks like the pace groups span from 10 minutes a mile and faster for a varied group.

If you're a Central Park devotee that's looking for a mid-sized group without the hype, a variety of speeds are encouraged by this group.

[Reservoir Dogs]


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Black Roses NYC

How to meet up: It looks like there

First things first, follow these fools on Instagram. You'll want to hit the road STAT, it's that good.

[Black Roses NYC]



Dashing Whippets

How to meet up: Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Garmin or try their 90 Day Free Trial. Member dues are $30 a year including training runs and track meets.
Average run distance: Varies.

If you're looking to get in shape or break the record for fastest mile, this running group is one of the most professional setups in New York.

[Dashing Whippets]



Prospect Park Track Club

How to meet up: Check out their page for details.
Average run distance: Varies.

This is a club with history! Started in 1970, this club touts a lineage normally reserved for the streetballers of NYC.

[Prospect Park Track Club]