Zara Just Blatantly Copied a Ton of Nike Sneakers

Fast fashion retailer Zara just released a shameless rip-off of several popular Nike sneakers including the KD7 and Roshe.

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Does Zara have no shame?

The fast-fashion label just dropped what they call "Sneakers with Curve Detail," which look an awful lot like several well-known Nike sneakers. It seems like there's a little bit of everything here — the molded heel cup, or "Curve Detail" as Zara has called it, from the KD7, the toe of the Roshe, and a midsole that looks like a cross between that of the Flyknit Racer and the Air Presto.

These things are a mess. Instead of getting inspired by a particular sneaker or lifting a design cue or two, this feels like Zara just threw together random pieces from every trendy Nike model in recent memory. It's rather lazy and uninspired, but there's sure to be someone out there who's feeling these.

If that's you, these can be had now for $70 from Zara online.