A Heartless Thief Stole a Bunch of Sneakers from Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors

A thief stole nearly a dozen pairs of sneakers from Boston Marathon bombing survivors.

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Today was supposed to be a day of remembrance, but one audacious thief has turned One Boston Day into a search for missing sneakers.

Doug Julian and Lynn Crisci, survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, are planning to run this year along with nine others who were injured. As a token of their gratitude, Julian and Crisci had planned to surprise their fellow runners with brand new sneakers and running gear.

Unfortunately, when the couple arrived at their car this morning, they found that someone had broken in and stolen the gifts, including all 11 pairs of kicks.

The thief even went as far as to leave a note for the victims. "It was a girl's handwriting and it said, ‘From me to you' and it had a smiley face and a heart and it was like a colored ink and it was just very cheerful and snarky,” Crisci recalled.

Police are now searching for the bandit, but it's pretty disconcerting that someone would go to such lengths on a day like this.

[via BostInno and WHDH]

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