This Yearbook Did Something Awesome for the School's Sneakerheads

A Reddit user shared the coolest yearbook ever which includes a full color page dedicated to sneakers worn by students.

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Do you remember your junior high school yearbook? Chances are, it wasn't nearly as trill as the one you're about to see.

A Reddit user shared this shot of his brother's yearbook that features a full page of the best sneakers spotted in the school's hallways. While you might expect kids this age to be rocking the latest general releases, there's actually an abundance of old and new heat on display, including "South Beach" LeBron IXs, "Beijing" Jordan VIs, "Black/Cement" Jordan IIIs, and more.

What makes this even better is the fact that the school went all-out and included the nicknames for each sneaker as well as sketches of grails like the Air Jordan 1 and Air Yeezy II in the background. It's clear these kids know their stuff, and we can't help but wish our yearbooks had included this sort of focus on footwear.