Ronnie Fieg Thinks That Sneakerheads Are Going to Be Wearing Boots Very Soon

Boot season approaching.

Image via Ronnie Fieg

Earlier today, Ronnie Fieg's collaboration with Highsnobiety and Puma was officially unveiled. Accompanying the imagery was an interview with Fieg and Highsnobiety's David Fischer conducted by legendary sneaker historian Gary Warnett and as you might expect, it was full of gems. 

When asked if they think we're approaching the end of a boom for sneakers, Fieg and Fischer had varying yet similar opinions. "I've seen the cycle three times," Fieg said. "I think that we're hitting the end of one now — boots will have their moment this fall."

Fischer on the other hand was less decisive, but agreed that things will have to change eventually. "Right now, I can't see how sneakers won't play a role over the next few years. It's too big... You can never rule them out," he said.

For the complete interview, which also touches on topics like the current state of sneaker blogging, the impact of social media, and the progression of their respective brands, head over to the Kith Blog.

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