What's Going on With the Release of the Nike Mag?

The Nike Mag could be releasing sooner than you think.

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There's less than four months left in 2015 and we still haven't heard anything official regarding one of the year's most anticipated releases, the Nike Mag. Despite the lack of info from the source itself, some interesting Tweets have surfaced today.

The man you see here is Max Erdenberger, a designer who worked with famed ad agency Wieden+Kennedy from 2008 until 2013. This is relevant because Wieden+Kennedy has been responsible for some of Nike's biggest campaigns throughout the years, developing a close working relationship with the brand. 

Almost immediately, sneakerheads began connecting the dots and assumed this was Erdernberger's way of unveiling the 2015 version of the Mag. Sole Collector reached out to Erdenberger directly and the theory was quickly debunked, as he confirmed it was not the 2015 Mag and mentioned there was "nothing much to report." Or is there?

Three hours after his first Tweet, Erdenberger sent out the following cryptic message.

While the sneaker pictured in his original Tweet may not be the 2015 Mag after all, it definitely sounds like Nike has something big in store for the month of October. Check back soon for more on this developing story.