This New Louis Vuitton Sneaker Copied the Nike Roshe and Costs Almost $800

Who signed off on this one?

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If you thought the blatant sneaker rip-offs were going to be left behind in 2015, think again.

The latest brand to co-opt a popular design is none other than Louis Vuitton, which has just introduced its Fastlane sneaker. It should be clear at first glance where they took the inspiration for these from — the mesh toe, heel tab, chunky midsole, and overall shape are direct bites from the Nike Roshe, and rather shameless ones at that. 

Louis Vuitton calls the Fastlane a "modern, sporty sneaker," which is certainly true, but not even the brand's signature Damier print at the side panel can save these from being an obvious copy. However, while the Roshe is known for being affordable, the Fastlane isn't exactly cheap. It's available now from the Louis Vuitton website for $785.

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