Fat Joe's Air Jordans Fell Apart After Keeping Them on Ice for Years

Fat Joe had an Air Jordan disaster after attempting to wear a DS pair that was almost a decade old.

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We've told you time and time again — wear your sneakers.

Fat Joe just learned the hard way, taking to Instagram to vent his frustration after his pair of "DMP" Jordan VIs fell apart at the sole. "This is that bull shit," Joe said, "Save the OGs for years and the soul [sic] rips off the first time you wear them."

While we can't help but feel his pain, in all fairness, we probably could have predicted this one seeing as the "DMP" pack is almost a decade old. If you want to prevent a disaster like this but want to keep your grails clean in the process, try breaking them out a few times a year to wear around the house. That should keep the glues and material from drying out like you see here. 


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