Drake Adds to Speculation Over Jump to Adidas

Drake continues to tease his Adidas sneaker deal with new photos wearing the brand's track pants.

Drake Wears Adidas Pants
Drake Wears Adidas Pants

While the specifics of Drake'srumored deal with Adidas remain a mystery, the rapper and longtime Jordan Brand endorser shared a series of photos on Instagram last night that have added to the speculation. 

Drake's seen wearing Adidas track pants in the two new images, although his sneakers are conveniently obscured in both shots. In one, he's relaxing on a jet with OVO member Chubbs, and in the other, he's posted in front of a Maybach with illuminated tail lights which match up with the Three Stripes branding. Whether the stripes are a coincidence or not, it appears clear the rapper is sending a message with these shots.

Despite this, Drake still hasn't been photographed publicly wearing Adidas sneakers. The closest he's come was a pair of Kanye West's Yeezy boots earlier this month.


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