Dime and Vans Actually Made a Collaboration for People With Weird Sneaker Fetishes

Get ready to stomp bananas with the upcoming Dime x Vans Slip-On Pro collab. Find out all the details here.

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If you're anything like us, you've spent a fair amount of time scouring YouTube for sneaker videos. While the majority of the results are rather mundane — unboxings, reviews, interviews, and the like — there's also some really weird sneaker-related shit out there. 

For reasons that escape us, it's become a trend to record clips of brand new sneakers getting submerged under water while on-foot. If you've somehow managed to avoid these videos, you're probably wondering what the hell we're talking about, but trust us, it's a thing. 

Now, Dime has linked with Vans to create their very own fetish-fueled sneakers. Apparently, underwater kicks are old news, and the two skate entities have set their sights on the new wave: banana stomping. 

The Dime x Vans Slip-On Pro features a number of updates to the original Slip-On that are intended to improve comfort including UltraCush HD cushioning, a lightweight Pro Vulc Lite outsole, and Duracap reinforcements. In other words, while these aren't actually intended for banana stomping, they'll make for a cozy ride whether you're on your board or on the streets.

For now, this collab is set to launch exclusively at a pop-up location at 3656 Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal's Plateau neighborhood. The pop-up shop will run from August 8 through August 11. Check back soon to find out if these will see a wider release.