Andre Agassi Says His Nike Sneakers Almost Made the French Open Change Its Dress Code

Ahead of his time.

Image via Nike

Fresh off the release of two brand new Nike Air Tech Challenge II colorways, the man who made the sneaker famous is reminiscing on one of its best colorways.

Andre Agassi joined Unscriptd to talk about the O.G. "Hot Lava" Air Tech Challenge II colorway. While the sneakers may not seem all that crazy by today's standards, the "Hot Lava" look managed to stir up a decent amount of controversy when Agassi wore them during the 1990 French Open.

For starters, no one could seem to get the color right — Agassi remembers the media constantly referring to his sneakers and gear as "pink," which he's quick to correct. "This is not pink. For the record, this is 'Hot Lava,'" Agassi said.

Believe it or not, the fiery look was so unheard of at the time that it almost caused the French Open to adopt a Wimbledon-like "all white" dress code. Check out the clip below. 

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