People Lined up Overnight for a Chance to Buy adidas NMDs

The hype is real.

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If for some reason you're still not sold on the adidas NMD hype, this visual should get the job done.

Sneakerheads in Liverpool camped out overnight at a Foot Locker location in hopes of copping one of today's numerous NMD releases. Thankfully, it looks like the group was able to maintain its composure and avoid an all-out frenzy over the sneakers, which release globally today in over a dozen colorways.

While this sort of hype is to be expected for a limited release, many of today's drops are considered wide general releases, which speaks volumes to the buzz adidas has been able to create around the NMD line. 

According to a tweet from @adidasoriginals, today's NMD collection will be released on in the U.S. at a random time. They should be dropping any moment now, so stay alert. 


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