A Robbery Took Place at High-End Atlanta Sneaker Store A Ma Maniere This Morning


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A high-end Atlanta sneaker boutique has been burglarized for the second time in just three months.

A Ma Maniere, the store where we shot our Sneaker Shopping episode with 2 Chainz, was hit with a smash-and-grab robbery around 3 a.m. EST this morning. According to AJC, three thieves were seen on surveillance footage absconding with sneakers, iPads, and a cash register containing $700. 

Police say the three men entered the store after breaking windows with slabs of concrete, something that caused one of the robbers to injure himself and leave behind a trail of blood. Now, investigators are hoping they'll be able to use the valuable evidence to pin down the men responsible for the burglary. 

Back in September, A Ma Maniere fell victim to a $15,000 robbery that saw suspects drive a vehicle straight through the store's windows.

Here's hoping that the suspects are caught in a timely manner and the store is able to make a full recovery.