Michael Jordan Made More Money Off Sneakers Last Year Than He Did His Whole Playing Career

The retired basketball star made over $100M last year selling sneakers alone.

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The sneaker industry is a numbers game and no number is more important than the dollar amount being pulled in at the end of the day. In a recent post on PBS, an infographic breaks down the $34 billion sneaker game by highlighting some its more notable numbers and dropping stats and knowledge that the average sneakerhead may not be aware of.

One of the numbers and facts that jumps out is the one regarding Michael Jordan. In it, the graphic shows MJ earned more money last year — $100 million — selling his signature sneakers than the $95 million he earned during his 15-year playing career, making him the highest-paid retired athlete.

It's a staggering statistic and helps put into perspective how obsessed people are with sneakers, especially Air Jordans.