50 Cent Says His Reebok G-Unit Sneakers Outsold Jay Z's S Dots

In a recent interview with Revolt, 50 Cent made the claim that his Reebok G-Unit sneakers outsold Jay Z's S.Carters by a six to one margin.

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In a recent interview with Revolt, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson went on record stating that his Reebok G-Unit sneakers outsold Jay Z's S.Carters by a whopping six to one margin.

2002-2003 was a much different era of sneakers than what most sneakerheads are accustomed to today. You actually had more than 20 seconds to buy a hyped shoe before it sold out online. It was also around this time that both artists released their respective sneakers under Reebok. 50 claims he made $80 million off the deal, and this isn't the first time the rapper has mentioned it.  However, it is the first instance of him comparing his sneaker's performance directly to Hova's. For those that remember the releases, you might recall that the S.Carters were made in more limited numbers while the G-Units seemed to be a mass market play. If that was indeed the strategy, the 50's claims aren't that far-fetched. 

In what heads might consider the bigger story, Reebok's decision to sign the artists stemmed from its inability and failure to sign LeBron James whom we all know eventually inked a deal with current sponsor Nike. Did Reebok actually have a chance at James? Chances were probably slim but he did rock Reeboks for a few games in high school which Packer Shoes recently commemorated earlier this year in its "Players Only" Pack


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