WHAT ARE THOSE: Lex Luthor's Sneakers in the 'Batman v Superman' Trailer

Lex Luthor's appearance in the Batman v Superman trailer may have included a shout out to a favorite menswear designer.

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This afternoon at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros finally released a full-length trailer for the super highly anticipated “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The trailer obviously had a lot to look at, consider, and think about. From Batman’s origin story to the role of an overpowered alien in human culture, this movie might end up doing the most. But there was one moment that had us standing up and taking notice.

In a quiet scene where Lex Luthor, Superman’s sworn nemesis, has his moment of discovering Kryptonite (the mineral that arrests Superman’s powers turning him to a mere mortal), there was a quick shot of his footwear. And, wouldn’t you know it, Lex Luthor wears Rick Owens sneakers.

Or maybe he doesn't.

The shot is quick, so it’s impossible to know exactly what he’s wearing, but they look like they could be a mid height suede pair of laceless Geobaskets, one of Owens’ laceless boots, maybe a Rick Owen's Island Dunk. Or, even, it's possible, a pair of Supras. We've argued about it and it's got to be one of those. Maybe Luthor is a fan of Owens’ recent flair for merciless rule with an iron fist, or perhaps Luthor just recognizes that Owens has come to define this generation of menswear. It could be that in the early days of Luthor's empire building he's not looking to spend Owens' level cash, and is more conservative with a pair of Skytops?

We'll find out when the movie premieres.

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