This Sneaker Store Has the Perfect Clothing Collection for the Stylish Sneakerhead

Overkill and Ucon Acrobatics have a clothing collection coming out.

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When you love sneakers, it's hard to find a consistent wardrobe that accentuates your sneakers and doesn't look foolish. The jogger pant has become popular with sneaker fanatics because it clearly shows off anyone's footwork, even if the style has become too mainstream. One sneaker boutique in Berlin — Overkill — has connected with Ucon Acrobatics on a clothing collection, and it's what you need to put together a strong outfit.

There's cuffed chinos, a 5-panel hat, and a longsleeve T-shirt. What makes them particularly sneakerhead-y isn't just the cuts of the garments —​ although they're all done correctly —​ it's that most of it is all-black and broken up by 3M stripes. Every piece is very limited, too, with just 50 produced of each item.

The release date is August 1 at Overkill's shop in Berlin, but the remaining items will be put online. So that's your best bet at not looking like a lame this summer.

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