Acronym's Errolson Hugh Breaks Down His Nike Air Force 1 Collaboration

The Acronym x Nike Lunar Force 1 has become a fan favorite this year, and here's what went into the shoe direct from the man who designed it.

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The Air Force 1 has played a strong, central role in Nike's energy marketing in 2017, and Acronym's collaboration on the sneaker was a key part of that. The brand's designer, Errolson Hugh, recently caught up High Snobiety in Berlin and explained on why he chose to design the sneaker the way he did.

"They wanted to make the shoe as different as possible, but still have it recognizable as an Air Force 1," says Hugh, who explains why he gave his version of the sneaker a zipper done the the forefoot of the shoe's upper. "When we first got the shoe, instead of working on colorways, we wanted to address the functionality of the shoe, because that's our thing."

The first version of the Acronym x Nike Lunar Force 1, which first released in 2015, came in two different bright colorways, but the recent iteration sees the shoe taking on its iconic white/white makeup. 

He also discusses the pink pair of the sneakers that he dip-dyed at ComplexCon's Air Force 1 activation. Watch the video above to see the complete interview.

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