These Sneakerheads Don't Know What "Bred" Means (Video)

Kicks on Fire asks sneakerheads why Black/Red Air Jordans are nicknamed "Bred."


Like it or not, nicknames for sneakers are here to stay. From "Red October" Yeezys to "Space Jam" XIs and "Tiffany" Dunks, these nicknames, and many others, are a key element to the overall appeal and hype behind a sneaker.

The most common nickname of them all is arguably the term "Bred," which is associated with Air Jordan sneakers donning a "Black/Red" colorway. Common knowledge amongst sneakerheads, right? Well, you might want to think again.

Kicks on Fire approached sneakerheads in NYC and asked them why "Black/Red" is called "Bred." They captured the adventure on video and some of the ridiculous responses are going to amaze you. We advise that you sit down for this one.

[via Kicks on Fire]

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