Etonic Is Making Coogi Sweaters For Your Feet

An early look at the upcoming Coogi x Etonic Trans Am sneaker collaboration.

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Image via Complex Original
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Etonic is coming out with a Coogi sneaker collaboration, and your life is better now.

The two brands, which established huge followings in the early '90s, are looking to make a comeback. While Etonic's run has already been going strong this year with the Akeem the Dream retro and its Barneys collab, Coogi will also be making a push after it was reported that Kith would be spearheading the movement to revive the label.

The early preview shows the Etonic Trans Am runner completely decked out in Coogi's signature colorful knit. No word yet on a release, but we know '90s 'heads will be keeping this one on their radar.

[via willie_esco]