Unleash The Speed With The Head Sprint Pro

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As tennis players continue to get faster and more agile, naturally they need footwear that can keep up with the newfound speed and quickness. The Sprint Pro from Head is among a new generation of sneakers that is designed specifically for that reason.

Designed for competitive play, the Head Sprint Pro features a sleek look to go with its tech-heavy performance capacity. The shoe features a seamless upper that is lightweight and comfortable, yet is durable enough to take on some of the fastest courts in the world.

The Sprint Pro is integrated with Head’s Trinergy technology, which absorbs heel impact, provides torsion stiffness and supports forward motion to maximize energy. The low-profile shoe comes loaded with a Hybrasion+ rubber compound outsole that is available in either a herringbone pattern or multi-direction one depending on whether you want to play on clay or hard court.


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