The Prize Money Up For Grabs at the 2014 French Open Could Buy You Some Absurd Stuff

french open serena winning

Image via Telegraph

french open serena winning

The next major tennis tournament, the French Open, is scheduled to start at the end of May. The French Open is the second of the four Grand Slam tournaments held by the USTA each year, and apparently they aren't feeling any ill effects of the current recession. According to Tournament Director Gilbert Ysern, the prize money up for grabs at this years event will be nearly 3 million euros (4.1 million dollars) more than last year, bringing the total up to roughly 25 million euros, or 34.1 million dollars.

Winner's on both the mens and women's side will receive 1.65 million euros each, nearly 150,000 more than last year, while runners up will receive 825,000 euros, a raise of 75,000 euros. The rise in prize money is nothing new, as the increase in money last year rose from 18.7 to 22 million euros.

With such a massive amount of cash up for grabs, here's some absurd things all that money could buy:

Tune in to the 2014 French Open when it kicks off May 25, and try not to think about your financial woes, it'll only make things worse.


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