Rodger Federer Claims Wimbledon's Dress Code is Too Strict Following "Underwear Checks"

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The dress code at Wimbledon has been a staple for the tennis tournament for as long as anyone can remember. Although the official colors of Wimbledon are dark green and purple, all participants playing are required to all white, or predominately white clothing while playing. It looks as if this year, the head honchos are taking it a step further, implementing "underwear checks", which many of the top player's are not too happy about.

Seven-time champion Roger Federer was one who voiced his opinion, as he started the dress code policy was "too strict" after it was revealed that officials ordered some players to change underwear they consider to be too colorful. Federer then urged the Wimbledon officials to "loosen up" and that the underwear checks prior to a player's match was taking things too far.

Federer isn't the only one upset with the checks, as former #1 ranked women's player Caroline Wozniacki gave her two cents on the matter and claimed the underwear checks were "pretty creepy". These however are not new rules by any stretch of the imagination, as the tournament has had a  10-point clothing and equipment policy, and rules calling for "suitable tennis attire that is almost entirely white", for quite some time now.

Maybe after the much public scrutiny Wimbledon is hearing from it's players will change their tune a little and bring in new rules. If not, leave it to one of Wimbledon's rebels throughout the years to break the mold, and hit the court in some flashy attire. We can only hope, because this is getting out of hand.

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